Our Mission

To provide an environment where athletes learn to perform with confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm as they strive to achieve excellence on the field and in life. We are dedicated to using the sport of lacrosse to bring out the best in our players by using positive coaching techniques that promote sportsmanship and teamwork, while having fun and working hard.

Positive Environment

We strive to improve the overall club lacrosse experience for our participants and their families by creating an environment where the players feel they have the opportunity to develop personally and as an athlete. It is an environment where the players learn to enjoy competition, compete at the highest level, and understand that winning is not the only goal.

Experienced Staff

We have an experienced coaching staff dedicated to expanding each player’s practical knowledge of key fundamentals, game situations and strategic concepts, thereby improving their overall effectiveness as a player.

Structured Teaching Philosophy

Our practice plans, teaching platforms and coaching techniques have been used successfully by many of our staff members at the game’s highest levels. We focus on the developmental needs of each player and look to build greater self-confidence in all of our players.


We help participants develop a better appreciation for the values of sportsmanship, character, community and what it means to be a good teammate. We strive to create a culture where the players respect, trust, and enjoy their teammates.

“The Future Is Up To You”

Through teaching the value of commitment, hard work, dedication, and time management skills, our players will develop and maintain a competitive student-athlete mentality, enabling them to achieve success in their athletic, academic and future endeavors.