Where can we find current info for team calendars, tournaments, communications & reminders?

Coppermine Lacrosse Club utilizes the Team Snap sports management system to provide important information about upcoming practices, tournaments; as well as communications and reminders to players and parents. All familes will receive instructions for joining and are required to use the Team Snap app.

What should players bring to practice?

Players should bring their mouth guard, lacrosse stick, goggles, water, Coppermine reversible jersey and tennis shoes or cleats to every practice. All players must dress for the appropriate weather conditions.

How early should players arrive at practice?

Practice will start on time. Players should begin to arrive 15 minutes before practice to ensure they are ready to start on time.

Who should be contacted if there is a scheduling conflict?

Families should email the head coach as early as possible if they are unable to attend practice, a tournament game or a full tournament. We expect families to update their availability in Team Snap.

Where are practices held?

Practices are held at the following locations, the head coach will email the team with the proper location if changes occur.

  • Coppermine Cross Keys: 4 Hamill Road, Baltimore, MD 21210
  • Coppermine Fieldhouse: 1400 Coppermine Terrace, Baltimore, MD 21209
  • Coppermine Norris Field: 5602 Cottonworth Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209
  • Coppermine Sports Center: 5731 Cottonworth Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209
  • Odyssey Field: 3257 Bridle Ridge Lane, Stevenson, MD 21153
  • Concordia Prep: 1145 Concordia Drive, Towson, MD 21286

Should players be receiving extra training outside of Coppermine Club?

We do not require players to receive extra training; however, players can schedule in house training or coaching individually with our staff to increase fundamental skills.

Where is the most up to date information for the Club and team located?

The website is updated frequently to provide the most up to date information.

There is a tab on the website for each individual age year. If you have questions about information on the website, please contact

We can also be found on Facebook at

How does Coppermine handle severe weather for practices?

We monitor the weather very closely to ensure proper safety precautions are taken. We will update Team Snap if cancellations are made. We try to give as much notice as possible with cancellations; however, weather is hard to predict!

How does Coppermine handle severe weather for tournaments?

Tournament directors/organizations make the final call for tournaments. As soon as they inform each club about cancellations or changes, we will inform our families via Team Snap.

Does Coppermine practice in the rain?

We will try to hold practice if there is light rain or rain showers. We would only cancel practice with rain if the grass fields were too saturated. We will not have practice during a thunderstorm.

Does Coppermine practice/play in the cold weather?

We will play outside in temperatures above 30 degrees.

What do players wear for tournaments?

Players will need to wear their Coppermine team uniform, black skirt (or shorts for boys), white/black socks and cleats or tennis shoes for tournaments. If the fields are grass, we recommend cleats, if the fields are turf we recommend cleats, tennis shoes or turf shoes. It is the player’s responsibility to come prepared.

What is needed for tournaments?

A volunteer parent, or two, will be assigned for each team as needed. This volunteer will be in charge of organizing refreshments and snacks for the tournaments. They will have a Coppermine tent and provide a table to use for each tournament. Also, we recommend bringing a collapsible chair to watch the games or use in between games.

How early should players arrive for tournament games?

For the first game of the tournament, players should be dressed, geared up and ready to start warming up no later than 45 minutes before game time.
During a tournament day, it is up to the discretion of the head coach to decide the time to warm up/gather for 2nd, 3rd, 4th games.

Are players encouraged to play for REC programs in the spring?

When a player commits to play for the Coppermine team, it is expected they will make every effort possible to be at ALL Coppermine practices and tournaments. Club is more elite than REC and therefore should take priority.

How do parents or players contact the directors, administrators, billing services or coaches?

The best way to contact is via email. We will respond within a 24 hour period. Contacts can be found in the player handbook or on

Can parents or players talk to college coaches at tournaments?

No, players and parents should never approach or seek out a college coach at a tournament due to NCAA rules and regulations.

Do players have equal playing time?

Playing time is a combination of many factors: dedication of the athlete, fundamental skill level, coachability, effort, endurance and field sense. There is no guarantee of equal playing time.

Are player positions permanent?

No player is given a permanent position. Player positions are decided based on fundamental skills, endurance, effort and contributions to the whole team. The coaching staff may make changes in position assignments as needed to place the best team possible on the field or to help other players gain experience at different positions.

Who should be contacted if there is a question about practice, tournaments or playing time?

Contact the head coach first via email. Please allow 24 hours for a reply. If you still have unanswered questions, please email one of the directors. Parents are never to approach or address a coach or staff member following play.

Does Coppermine Lacrosse Club require players to have a US Lacrosse membership?

Coppermine Lacrosse Club requires players to have a US Lacrosse membership. More information on US Lacrosse can be found at

If a player is injured, should they still attend practices and tournaments?

Yes, injured players should still attend practices/tournaments when possible. They can support their teammates and participate in practice in various avenues.

How do parents and players inform coaches of injuries?

Please inform the head coach as soon as possible after finding out about an injury via a phone call or email. We would like to have the injury and treatment information/protocol. Only a doctor, not a coach will decide if and when the player may return to practice.

What if the uniform given is lost or ruined, and a replacement is needed?

Email immediately. Provide the apparel needing to be replaced, size, graduation year and player number. The player number may change based on apparel availability. Additional costs will be required:

  • Uniform Top: $60
  • Uniform Skirt (or shorts for boys): $50
  • Reversible Pinney: $60

What can players do on their own to enhance their skills?

  • Constantly be active by playing another sport or activity
  • Practice wall ball with dominant and non-dominant hand
  • Run, jog or do wind sprints
  • Complete practice drills on their own
  • Ladder drills and agilities
  • Watch high school level or collegiate level games and practices and focus on one player at a time to see how they move with and without the ball.
  • Watch videos of collegiate level games or practices online

Who should be contacted for questions, or problems with registrations or payments?

Please email Nodia Gilbert at or call her 410- 337-7781 ext. 200. Make sure to include as much information possible in the email.

Is there a refund policy for installments?

Coppermine has a “No-Refund” policy. A player’s acceptance has the effect of denying another player an opportunity to play for Coppermine. Fees are not refundable or transferable. Fees for participation include the entire season. No refunds will be made to players who choose not to participate at any point after accepting for any reason. If a player is asked to leave the program by a director, a refund may be determined at that time.